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● 水资收標準:6歲(含)以下不收水資、6-12歲(含)以上每人酌收NT90+10%。
● 水資並提供Evian礦泉水、Santa Vittori水、熱水。
● 開瓶費或是現場點用酒水不能拆抵水資。
● 自備酒水服務費:葡萄酒類每瓶NT$500,烈酒類NT$1,000。
● 兒童收費標準:5歲(含)以下免低消,6-12歲(含)低消NT440+10%,13歲以上孩童需點選一道餐點。
● 為了維護食品安全,海鮮類不提供外帶。
● 所有價格另加10%服務費。
● 若您有特殊飲食慣或對某些食物過敏之情形,請事先告知服務人員。

● Children aged 6 and below are exempt from the water fee.For children aged 6- 12 and adults, there is a charge of NTS9o + 10% per person.
● The water fee includes access to Evian mineral water, Santa Vittoria sparkling water, and hot water.
● No interchangeability is allowed for the same item. The corkage fee or on-site purchase of beverages cannot be offset against the water fee.
● Corkage for wine and beverage is NTS500 per bottle, and for spirits, NTS1,000 per bottle.
● Minimum Charge: Child ren under s years old (inclusive) require no minimum charge; children age between 6-12 years old (inclusive) require a NTS440+10% charge; at least one dish must be ordered by guest over 13 years old.
● For food safety concerns, please be advised not to wrap up seafood dishes.
● All prices are subject to a 10% service charge.
● Please inform one of our associates if you have any food allergies or special dietary needs.