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A brand managed by TUNG FANG MEI ENTERPRISE, Espace Beauté EB SPA listens to our guests’ inner voice, helping you experience the healing power of massage. We serve every guest with politeness and thoroughness prevailing in Japanese customer service. Also, we introduce the top-rated products and skills from “AROMATHERAPY ASSOCIATES,” one of the leading brands in aromatherapy. Presenting luxurious spa experiences to our guests, we are dedicated to help you relax so as to enjoy the balanced feeling of your body and soul.

A treatment of over TWD 3,600 will receive 20 minutes of upgraded customized localized massage (worth TWD 1,350). Any purchase of over TWD2,000 at EB SPA will receive a rebate of TWD1,000.

Location | 7F
Operating Hours | Mon.~Sat. 10:00~22:00, Sun. 10:00~19:00
Tel | +886 2 6631 8099

Please kindly make a reservation in advance. We would be glad to help you arrange suitable time.