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Humble House Taipei Elected

Humble House Taipei received the honor of "The Most Expected Hotel" from "Grand Ceremony: Fabulous China," held by 【ACROSS】magazine. We felt very flattered receiving the award for providing a venue for high-quality lifestyle and delivering delicate aesthetics of life. Hugo Sheng, the General Manager of Humble House Taipei, stated: We sincerely thank all readers of ACROSS magazine for their approval and support. Every staff member in Humble House Taipei is working harder to improve service quality so as to cross the barriers of culture and language. Providing impressive services that touch your heart, we promise to bring the best accommodation and dining experience for both foreign and local patrons.

Humble House Taipei stands for a sophisticated taste of art, culture, and living. The essence of our brand lies in our caring towards people. We welcome our patrons with pleasant, amicable services, practicing the generous hospitality in Eastern culture. We provide services beyond our patrons' expectations, which have always been our top priority. For example, we are dedicated to satisfy all your needs, even prior to your stay. It's our duty to make you feel like coming home. Furthermore, in Humble House Taipei, we boast a collection of great artistic works from all over the world, blending artistic creativity into our atmospherics, showcasing distinctive aesthetics. Advocating "art in life, life in art," we operate the hotel with a revolutionary philosophy.

Issued by “Nanfang People Weekly,” a branch of Nanfang Media Group, 《ACROSS》 Magazine is the first monthly that covers travelling reports centering on both cultural legacy and high-quality life. The magazine values humanistic spirit, featuring reports on superior lifestyles and interdisciplinary knowledge. Taking on a brand-new look for travel magazines, enables our readers to enjoy a travel across time and space.