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Humble House Taipei Grand Open

Opening on Dec. 27, 2013

Humble House Taipei, the hotel that represents a new perspective of art, culture and living, will be opening in the evening of December 27 (Friday). The party will unfold with the performance from Chio Tian Arts & Culture, the well-known folk art performance group from Taiwan, followed by a theme party “Life Like Summer Flower”, presenting a feast of art. Many honored guests and celebrities attended the party, such as Jin-pyng Wang, President of the Legislative Yuan, Chen-yang Tsai, founder of My Humble House Group and Ellie Lai, Chairman of My Humble House Art Gallery. They each held a glittering diamond representing the Diamond Green Building to signify the grand opening of the hotel!

The opening party also gathered participants of the art and fashion world, to enjoy the unique experience of the “hotel of art”. In addition to displays of art work in the hotel that are selected from all over the world, several renowned art and culture groups were invited to perform at this special occasion, including Chio Tian Arts & Culture, performing “Wu-jia-jiang”, a piece inspired by the folk theatrical procession of officers and generals, choreographed by the folk drums and arts troupe of Taiwan; and Dance Forum, presenting “Recreating Puppetry”, the most celebrated piece presented by the award-winning dance group; and “Life Like Summer Flowers, Praises to Butterfly Dances” by SHOWCASE, to bring the sophisticated style of Humble House Taipei to the guests!

In the opening ceremony, Jin-pyng Wang, President of the Legislative Yuan stated that:”Taipei has just won the title of 2016 World Design Capital, a great honor that brings special meaning to the opening of Humble House Taipei today. It not only shows Taiwan’s ability to introduce a top class hotel brand, but also the fine art and cultural qualities in Xinyi District of Taipei, that connects Taipei to the international front.” Hugo Sheng, General Manager of Humble House Taipei further pointed out that:”we will create a unique hotel management philosophy and branding to enter the global hotel group market as the first Taiwan-based top hotel brand! We will also provide competitive pricing and services to business or independent travelers, with an aim to reach out while rooted in Taiwan!”

To resonate with Humble House Taipei’s artistic impression, Chio Tian Arts&Culture created Wu-jia-jiang, a piece especially designed for Humble House Taipei that opens with the traditional drum formation with Chinese drums and flutes at the backdrop, along with modern dancers dressed in adapted Ba-jia-jiang (the Eight Infernal Generals) costume. The performance combines traditional and modern interpretations of the folk art, as well as the new perspectives of the old that shows Humble House Taipei’s dedication in embracing both Chinese and western cultural values. On the 6th floor, the celebrated action art performance group SHOWCASE performs “Life Like Summer Flowers, Praises to Butterfly Dances” in La Farfalla, the Italian restaurant, echoing the Tower of Nature and the night view of Taipei 101. The body-painted dancers performed with elegant movements under violet light, adding an exceptional color to the night sky of Xinyi district. Dance Forum, the award-winning performance group from Taiwan, is known for their abundant creativity in traditional performances. “Recreating Puppetry”, the performance tonight, is choreographed by Yang Ming-lung, the first Asian dancer in Trisha Brown Dance Company. The extraordinary creative concepts combined with the calm and mature body language won long applauses from the audience!